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VIVO and IQOO once again launch a new flagship machine

Jun 23 , 2023

VIVO and IQOO once again launch a new flagship machine

vivo and its sub-series IQOO update speed is very fast, some people joke that a year can launch three generations of flagship machine, such update speed will always cause great trouble to vivo users. Sure enough, after the Snapdragon 8Gen2 comprehensive upgrade and the successful development of Tianguet 9200+ chip, the release of VivoX90s and IQOO11s is also in full gear.

iQOO11S has two trump cards, one is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8gen2, the other is the 200W flash charge, it is currently the only Snapdragon 8gen2+ 200W flash charge mobile phone in the industry.

The first is the Snapdragon 8gen2 full blood version, compared to the general version of the Snapdragon 8gen2, this processor is more radical in CPU frequency. The first version of the CPU, up to 3.36 GHZ (the usual version is 3.2 GHZ). In terms of configuration, the same as the configuration of Snapdragon 8Gen2, the "full blood version" also uses the 1+4+3 configuration of 1+4+3, with a core of 3.36GHz, a core of 2.8GHz, and a core of 2.0GHz. In terms of GPU, the Snapdragon 8gen2 GPU of the Chicken blood version has increased by 719 MHz on the basis of 680 MHz, becoming the most powerful one in the Snapdragon 5G chip.


In addition to the "chicken blood" version of the Snapdragon 8gen2, iQOO11S has a bright spot that is the only "chicken blood" version of the phone equipped with 2k straight screen in the industry. It is understood that iQOO11S will use Samsung's newly developed 2K 144Hz2 screen, coupled with Samsung's latest E6 luminous material, so that its local maximum brightness has been further improved.

At the same time, the problem of small visual Angle brought by the E5 micro-prism is also perfectly compensated for, and it also supports HDR10,HDR10+, NetflixHDR, and Youku FrameHDR and so on. IQOO's self-developed screen consistency correction scheme can ensure that the display effect is consistent between different screens and the display end and the power end, and can ensure good color whether in the default mode or in the professional mode, so its display quality is undoubtedly at the current leading level.

In addition, it also supports 200 W wireless fast charge. It is understood that the product has carried out a full-link innovation in charging schemes, batteries, chargers, chargers and other aspects. New 10 C pole chip battery, new three-way charging chip, new battery separator, new electrolyte, new protection circuit, new stacking method, new thermal gel, new self-developed battery life cycle calculation method. In the "car gauge level" of the ultra-thin spacer and positive electrode material, has exceeded the current most advanced power battery, and in the charging chip and ultra-thin spacer, 200 W ultra-thin spacer battery has been produced in China, has become the most ideal way to charge. ' '

The iQOO11S is expected to go on sale in early July.

Tell you about vivox90s, it is understood that vivox90s uses the design concept of "Tianjie cloud window", uses the two-layer structure of "Yunjie", and "beautifizes" the overall order of the lens module and the back of the phone, and the appearance is very excellent.

In the core aspect, the vivoX90s uses the flagship chip of Mediatek's Tianji 9200+, which has more than 1.36 million Antutu running points, and beats Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8Gen2, making vivoX90s a curved screen mobile phone with the strongest performance in the Android system. It is understood that Mediatek's Tianji 9200+ uses a 1+3+4 architecture, and the CPU is a super-large core, three large cores are A715, and four small cores are A510, of which the large core is 3.35 GHZ and the large core is 3.0 GHZ.

In addition, the energy efficiency of Tianguet 9200+ has also been further improved, whether it is large core or large core, can support 64-bit software, compression and decompression speed is much faster than 32-bit, and it also provides a unique game adaptive adjustment technology, VRS variable speed control rendering technology, Its applications and games have been greatly improved. The 11-core G715 is used on the GPU, making it 17% higher at peak frequency than the regular version.


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