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VIVO S17 Series Officially Released - Super Sensitive Light Brings New Portrait Experience

May 31 , 2023

VIVO S17 Series Officially Released - Super Sensitive Light Brings New Portrait Experience


On May 31, vivo held an online conference to officially release the new S17 series, the new machine using the design style of flowing mountains and seas, equipped with the annual word-of-mouth God U Tiangui 8200 processor, as well as the telephoto portrait lens equipped. The Vivo S17 series is available in three colorways: black, white and blue, and the main color mountain and sea.


  As the main color, Vivo uses a large area of cyan as the main tone, a crisp but not ostentatious, eloquent but not smooth, refreshing but not monotonous cyan attributes. vivo created the industry's first particle ink effect, consisting of 15 million magnetic particles to splash ink landscape texture, and then through 2 particle ink process, after fixing a single layer of mountain lines will be the second layer of mountains staggered superimposed on it, re processing, so that the back panel of the phone finally achieves the effect of continuous and layered light and shadow mountains. This unique design shows the oriental beauty and makes light and shadow intertwine on it, presenting a three-dimensional and dynamic texture spreading layer by layer.

  vivo S17 series still continues the S light and agile design, the full 3D micro-curved design not only silky smooth articulation with the middle frame to create a thin and simple side view, the overall transition is more natural, to ensure the performance of the premise to bring 7.46mm body thickness, and maintain the body weight of 188g, so that vivo S17 series not only take into account the elegant appearance at the same time also has a comfortable feel. The new Spiritual Mirror Group design water mirror cloud window is more transparent and pure in the interplay of light and shadow, and then outlines the lens space with delicate textured metal lines, retaining the delicate lightness of the S series, but also hiding uncomplicated details in the minimalist design.


  vivo S17 series adopts the best display of S series so far, 6.78 inches of 1.5K super retina eye protection screen will display quality value full, 2800X1260 ultra-high resolution and super retina PPI to bring the clearest display experience so far. vivo S17 series has 2160Hz high frequency dimming can alleviate the visual fatigue caused by screen flicker, relieve The S17 series has 2160Hz high-frequency dimming to reduce the visual fatigue caused by screen flicker and relieve eye pressure. It also has 1 billion color display, 120Hz high refresh rate and 300Hz touch sampling rate to bring users a gaming-grade visual experience and touch response. 

  The front of the vivo S17 Pro is equipped with a 50 million AF autofocus lens, which can effectively solve problems such as blurred photos, the lens autofocus photos more clear, F/2.0 large aperture also provides powerful hardware support for extreme night selfies. The front 90° wide-angle soft light brings a natural light effect, making the portrait skin more delicate, three-dimensional features and overall more transparent and glossy. vivo S17 Pro supports beauty and beauty function, beauty includes natural and classic two effects.


  The S17 Pro is the first S-series portrait phone with a telephoto portrait lens, using a 50MP Sony IMX766 super-sensitive portrait lens + 12MP professional telephoto portrait lens + 8MP super wide-angle lens as a triple camera module, and the entire system uses OIS optical stabilization system to significantly improve light sensitivity and focus performance. The smart soft ring innovatively separates the soft light from the flash, and the two light sources complement each other, automatically detecting the external light intensity, creating a "soft light to capture the ambience of the environment. 


  It is worth mentioning that the new telephoto portrait lens of Vivo S17 Pro is specially selected with the golden combination of 2X focal length + IMX663 sensor to realize the shooting experience of "advancement and retreat", further to take portrait close-ups and one step back to take portrait half-body. The Vivo S17 Pro telephoto lens combined with AI detail enhancement can shoot up to 200mm equivalent super moon, users can find the "super moon" mode by "more" in the camera, shooting the moon with the hands have a sense of blockbuster. The ultra wide-angle lens with 1/4-inch sensor and large f/2.2 aperture can achieve a 108° field of view while maximizing aberrations.

  Performance, Vivo S17 Pro is equipped with era reputation God U Tiangui 8200 processor, using 4nm process technology. The maximum 12GB+512GB super storage specifications bring a great improvement to the phone's background retention and service life. In terms of battery life, the Vivo S17 Pro is still equipped with a large 4600mAh battery under a thin and light body of 7.46mm, with 80W long-range flash charging. 


  In terms of price, the new vivo S17 is priced from 2499 yuan; the vivo S17 Pro with comprehensive upgraded design, performance and image is priced from 3099 yuan. After the launch, the major platforms will open pre-sale, June 8 officially opened for sale.


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