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Vivo satellite communication phone exposure, when mass production concerns?

Jul 05 , 2023

Vivo satellite communication phone exposure, when mass production concerns?

[Hispider Information】 Recently, at MWC Shanghai, Vivo showed its latest satellite communication prototype. The prototype is based on the X90 Pro+ custom modification and supports 3GPP R17 NTN two-way satellite communication.

It is worth mentioning that the Vivo satellite communication prototype adopts the ZTE solution and is equipped with the first satellite communication SoC chip V8821, which will be mass produced soon. V8821 is capable of communicating via L-band maritime satellites and S-band Antenna satellites, and supports other high-orbiting satellite systems to meet the communication needs in areas where cellular networks cannot cover, such as the ocean, urban edge and remote mountainous areas.

Dr. Cui Xian, a communications expert at Vivo, told Hispider, "The direct cell phone satellite connection technology has significantly improved the two-way connection and expanded the upper limit of cell phone application scenarios. Currently, more application scenarios are reflected in helping users to get in touch with the outside world when they encounter unexpected problems (air extreme sports, diving, outdoor mountaineering, etc.) and achieve emergency rescue. "

Although the ground mobile communication network has covered 70% of the global population, there are still large areas that do not enjoy the coverage of communication networks. According to statistics, terrestrial networks cover only about 6% of the global surface area, which makes deserts, primitive forests, glacial hinterlands and islands lack the support of traditional communication networks and WiFi networks.

In addition, traditional satellite systems only provide positioning functions, making it difficult to meet modern consumer-grade communication needs. Therefore, filling this communication gap has become an important challenge for the communication industry.

In order to solve this problem and promote mass production of satellite communication phones, Vivo said it will work closely with partners such as China Telecom, China Mobile, ZTE and ZTE to actively promote the landing of commercial cell phone end products.

Although for most ordinary users, satellite communication is rarely used in daily life, as an emergency function, especially for users with outdoor sports hobbies, this function can ensure no worries in areas without signal, and can better seek help in critical moments. Of course, the acceptance of satellite communication cell phones in the market, or depends on the pricing of cell phones equipped with this feature.


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